UVC How it works ?

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation

How It Works?


Step 1: UVC Disinfection

The proven UVC light sterilization method has been using for over 50 years to kill 99.99% pathogens in the air, on the surface, and in the water (which is for the purifying). Techno Busters LLC uses UVC Lights to kill the pathogens on the surface & in the air by using special techniques, protective equipment, newest technologies. The professional team of the Techno Busters LLC is able to disinfect Houses, Offices, Stores, Restaurants, Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Banks, Hotels, Casinos, etc. in couple hours (depends on the size of the room) without even touching. Additional to that Techno Busters LLC uses a surface coating technology by creating antimicrobial barrier to keep surfaces disinfected for up to 90 days depends on the needs.