Step 2: Antibacterial Coating

Antibacterial Coating

The surface coating technology by creating antimicrobial barrier is a new proven technique that keeps the surface away from pathogens. The working principal is basically by creating 3 micro layers by using silica, carbon and nitrogen. The professional team applies the nano technology by using electrostatic misting system and creates the layers. The base layer is covalent bond fixes to the surface, the second layer is cross linking to base layer, third layer is durable eighteen link carbon chain which contains positively charged nitrogen atom at its base. In short, this system destroys the chance of pathogen to hold on to the surfaces and eliminates them. It also prevents super bugs to mutate by destroying micro-organisms between the sanitizing periods. Even more importantly it also reduces the chance of growing odors from microbial causes and makes the surfaces become easy to clean for up to 90 days.