Residential Disinfection Cleaning Service

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we spend on average almost 90% of our lives indoors, breathing air that can be two to ten times more polluted than outdoor air! Today’s energy-efficient, airtight homes trap contaminants and your air conditioning system then circulates the same polluted air over and over again. Therefore, our home is one of the most important places to keep disinfected from the invasive microbes and pathogens to prevent illnesses in our families. Our programs are budget-friendly and comprehensive in that we can decontaminate a space, then terminally disinfect it by using the UVC Disinfection Technique to kill 99.99% bacteria, viruses and germs, and finally coat it with a long-term antimicrobial coating with Nano Technological layers to keep the surfaces disinfected for up to 90 days. That destroys the vast majority of invasive microbes that people leave behind in your business, office complex, shopping mall, service stations, restaurants, etc. every time the surface is touched. For cleaner, healthier air, call Techno Busters for a free, no obligation proposal for these services and give your family greater peace of mind about how healthy an environment they live in.

“We need to eliminate the viruses before it eliminates us.”
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