A: Definitely, but… It depends on what kind of UV light you are using. There are basically 3 kinds of UV lights. UVA, UVB, UVC. Simply, UVA light gives you tanned skin, UVB light causes sunburn, UVC light is harmful for the skin and the eyes if you look at it directly. One of the atmosphere layers called OZONE (O3) blocks almost all the UVC from the sun. Otherwise there was no life on the earth. Technically UVC breaks the DNA of a pathogen. Which means UVC light kills the bacteria/viruses and it must be used by a professional team to disinfect.

A: It is a little more complicated than it looks… If it is direct light (just like in the noon time) and very high temperature for dozens of hours, yes it can kill the bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, the windows made of glass will block the UV. So firstly, the windows need to be open for UV to go inside the room. Secondly, the UV which can reach to the earth through the atmosphere is mostly UVA and a small percentage of UVB. Which means it is not enough to kill the bacteria and viruses in a short period of time.

A: If only we apply… Disinfection with UVC light kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses. Once the process is done, an outsider can bring the bacteria and viruses inside the room. Therefore, we apply TechnoBusters nano technology layers after the UVC process which keeps the surfaces disinfected up to 90 days.

A: It is actually misting… It creates an antimicrobial layer between the surface and the pathogens by using the ingredients that activates with the electrostatic nano technology. This layer is so strong that bacteria and viruses are not able to hold on to the surface which also destroys them. Even better news is, it keeps the pathogens away for up to 90 days.

A: That would be like a steam room… The nano technology application is for the surfaces. It may partly and temporarily protect you from the viruses in the air but the most importantly we use UVC light technology to kill the viruses in the air (plus on the surfaces.)

A: Up to 90 days, but… It depends on the customer’s treatment on the surface. Basically, the surface and the air need to be clean and sanitized. If you bring millions/billions of bacteria and viruses next day of disinfection and keep the room infected all the time, the layer is not going to last for 90 days. If you keep terms on conditions straight, you will be able to keep the disinfection for up to 90 days.

A: It is 100% friendly… There are no chemical or harmful ingredients in our products. No dirty smells, no wiping out, no brushing, no washing out, no messy job at all. We disinfect the areas with barely touching. They are all environmentally friendly except for the pathogens in the room.

A: Techno Busters is an experience and knowledge-based company that has been doing a lot of research to create the disease-free and disinfected environment to people. Our professional, trained and experienced team will serve you to live in a safe and healthy environment, happily ever after.