Tech Busters provides infection prevention services that are proven to be effective in helping stop the spread of COVID-19. Tech Busters is privately held and owned by Mr. Mustafa Kavruklar, who believes that “We need to eliminate the viruses before they eliminate us.” Therefore, our mission is to create a livable, safe, healthy environment by eliminating all the pathogens in the home and public areas where people live, work or visit.


Bacteria and viruses can hide, sometimes in plain sight, and in other areas you can’t see. Our goal is to provide the highest quality disinfectant services at a fair price. Our programs are budget-friendly and comprehensive in that we can decontaminate a space, then terminally disinfect it by using the UVC Disinfection Technique to kill 99.99% bacteria, viruses and germs, and finally coat it with a long-term antimicrobial coating with Nano Technological layers to keep the surfaces disinfected for up to 90 days.


Tech Busters is located in Las Vegas, NV. Our services are available locally, domestically and internationally. We maintain a full staff of trained and experienced professionals that provide consistent and high-quality standard of service. We are a socially responsible company that already disinfects the select Vegas Valley hospitals to support the health workers who are doing extraordinary job during the pandemic.

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“We need to eliminate the viruses before they eliminate us.”