Stop Covid19, How?

Tech Busters is an experience and knowledge-based company that has been doing a lot of researches to create the disease-free and disinfected environment to people. Moreover, founder of the company Mustafa Kavruklar says that “By the vision of the company, this process needs to be done without causing another damage to the environment.”

According to the yearly report of the CDC (Center of Disease Control) Viruses, Germs, Molds, Bacteria etc. all these pathogens cause lots of different kinds of diseases and deaths to people. Every year 2.8 million antibiotic bacterial resistant infections happen and over 35.000 people die in US. On the other hand, hospital borne viruses and bacteria cause approximately 100.000 deaths yearly as in the reports of the US Department of Health & Human Services.

“We need to eliminate the viruses before they eliminate us.”

What is UltraViolet-C (UVC) ?

stop covid19 in your area!
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Residential Disinfection Cleaning Service

Basically there are 3 main areas that we definitely need to keep disinfected from the illness cause pathogens.

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School Disinfection Cleaning Service

Being spread through the schools from the students to students then families is one of the most common situation for viruses and diseases.

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Hospital Disinfection Cleaning Service

Disinfection can cause detergent odor, messy and wet places waiting to be dried, and even chemicals disposal process some times if…

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Hotel Disinfection Cleaning Service

One of the most disinfection needed areas are Casinos, Hotel Rooms Lobbies, Waiting Rooms, Registration Areas, Food Courts and Kitchens etc.

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Commercial Disinfection Cleaning Service

Our well equipped and experienced team is able to neutralize the treat of viruses, bacterias, molds, pathogen caused diseases up to 99.99% by using UVC…

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